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Gideon - The Star
Photo by Janet Cohen

Gideon and Kim
Photo by Sally Paradysz

Gideon smilingGideon smiling
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon smilingAnother smile
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon with LegosGideon and a student's brother playing with Legos
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Smoke's Message on Breathing and Awareness

Just as in human relationships, horses and humans often unconsciously mirror one another. These reflections tend to be of behaviors whose origins lie in past traumas and in fear.

Experiencing trauma at any time of life sets up a paradigm of victimhood—a feeling of being powerless to affect outcome. A false belief that the world happens to us rather than the Divine Truth that we create our own world. Divine wake up calls ask us to become conscious, and usually first take the form of whispers, and then if we ignore those, ever deeper disasters. We can shift out of being victims and into empowerment—an ownership of our own responsibility in what is happening around us. It is not so much a matter of what occurs around us as it is how we respond to those occurrences.

By being unconscious mirrors, we automatically become victims. And, of course, that state only raises more anxiety. We become hyper vigilant, always on the look out for what might harm us on any level. Humans might not realize that they are being hyper vigilant, but we horses can feel it physically, and we then begin to look around for what is making our human nervous. Some of us are more grounded than others, and those give the space for the human to begin to relax and trust. Others of us, like me, have had many bad experiences in the past, and tend to be hyper vigilant ourselves.

Since we live in YOUR world, we look to you for leadership. We horses only hold our breath when we become aware of something that could be a potential danger. By holding the breath, we become totally focused on our search, and can hear with greater acuity. What I have only recently learned is that humans hold their breath not just when they are “on alert”, but also when they are concentrating on something they are trying to do. This is not a danger! How interesting that humans tend to meet something potentially wonderful with a fear response.

Because you are the ones who know your own world and its rules, we look to you to show us through your actions what is safe and what is not. Bodies never lie, and so if your thoughts are one thing and your body is telling us something different, we are going to believe your body. If you consciously realize that there is a difference between the two and explain that to us, ask for our support in helping you cross your own fear bridges to trust, then we're happy to work with you as partners in that. But if the incongruence is unconscious, then it makes us anxious and we'll put our trust in body language. We are asking you, as the humans, to take responsibility for your actions and teach us how to do the same.

Becoming conscious of your breath is the beginning of awakening and awareness. Take a moment to feel a deep breath. Hold it a few seconds and get in touch with how that inspiration is nourishing all your cells. Breath IS life! Are you accepting it or rejecting it? Does a deep breath bring you calmness and peace as it effortlessly fills even the bottom of your lungs as well as your abdominal cavity? Or does it make you cough and choke? Air is the essence of the Divine—and as such is Love. Think about that…what have you been conditioned to accept as the essential nature of air? Even in the midst of dark and polluted cities, along with the pollutants is that Love. Focus on that, and the air will once again begin to nourish you. Love always trumps Fear.

Once you are feeling your body more clearly, look truly at what is in your/our surroundings. No matter what it is, is it really “aimed” at you/me? As a human supporter of mine recently said she had read somewhere, we often spend a great amount of our lives as extras in someone else's play. We react according to the conditioning and beliefs we formed as younglings. As mature beings, we can now choose something different. We can wake up and look around us and notice that while that rustle in the bushes might be a predator hungry for horsemeat, it could also be a squirrel, and it would be a good thing to check in with our senses and be surer before reacting with a fear response that could result in an injury. You could choose to notice that your desire to perform well, or to learn a new physical skill does not necessarily constitute a threat to your survival, and that consciously breathing in and then releasing the breath actually improves your performance and learning abilities! You can now choose to be the star in your own play!

This conscious “inspire-ation” and exhale can become a new trigger for you to be able to shift anxiety to awareness and ask yourself, “What can I do differently here?” Whatever your response to that question, you are now on the road to real and lasting change. Here's to taking the Journey together!

* * *

Smoke is a pony driven in Advanced Combined Driving competitions by his owner, Sherri Dolan. What they do requires them to be very precise in two phases of their competition, and then while on the marathon, they have to be very fast and brave as they drive out across open terrain through and over obstacles called “hazards."

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SMOKE'S MESSAGE ON BREATHING AND AWARENESS Just as in human relationships, horses and humans often unconsciously mirror one another. These reflections tend to be of behaviors whose origins lie in past traumas and in fear...


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