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   Regardless of your age or level of experience, Kim's teaching style provides many ways for you to find a true connection with your horse.

   Her students range from dressage riders of all levels to eventers, show jumpers, barrel racers, trail riders, reiners and ropers. Kim's patience is legendary, because she NEVER GIVES UP ON A PERSON OR A PROBLEM.

   One of Kim's specialties is helping riders develop "feel," and its first cousin, the timing of the aids. Read more...

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   Kim teaches dressage, cross country, and jumping on a regular basis at Biomonte Stables, located at Black River Farms in Ringoes, NJ. Riders can trailer in, or arrange to ride one of the resident lesson horses. Kim is also available to coach at specific shows and events. Read more...


   Lessons learned from horses also carry over into our daily lives. Increasingly, Kim is asked to guide people on new paths to understanding and fulfillment. Please contact her to talk about custom-designed programs and speaking engagements.

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   Kim provides an engaging, hands-on program of standard clinics (usually 2-4 days), as well as highly focused intensive (week-long) clinics for riders who are truly seeking a breakthrough in their riding, and in their partnerships with their horses.

   A very popular clinician, she enjoys traveling to different regions to help riders of many different disciplines and backgrounds find joy and success in their riding. Read more...

   See Student Comments to hear more from the riders who have benefitted from Kim's instruction.

   I have been riding for fifteen years…after just one session, I have never felt more secure in the saddle, nor have I ever felt better about riding. For the first time I really feel one with the horse, and it really shows when we ride. (David Frump, North Carolina)  See the STUDENT COMMENTS page.

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