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Gideon - The Star
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Gideon and Kim
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Gideon smilingGideon smiling
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Gideon smilingAnother smile
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Gideon with LegosGideon and a student's brother playing with Legos
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Gideon on the Subject of Power

This subject came about as a result of our early showing experiences — when his hormonal surges were frightening to me. Thankfully I was still in life coaching school then and my coach suggested to me that rather than being disobedient, perhaps what Gideon was really doing was calling upon me to more fully access my own Power and meet him on a higher level of energy. This really resonated with me, and we came to a whole new level of Partnership as I owned my own authentic and divine self, and committed to living EVERY moment from that place.. As a result, huge changes occurred for both of us.

As I began living from a determinedly positive outlook on everything, Joy began to permeate all areas of my life. As the Joy became ever more present, Gid went ever more forward—and with impulsion! He responded to my owning my Power by sharing more of his own in a very positive way—talk about Dancing! J There were times when I could only respond by laughter from the depths of my core as we sprang around the arena or on the trail in a fashion that came straight from my dreams. Achieving dreams is certainly a very addictive feeling! Here is what he shared with me:


Humans have become confused about Power. Real, true Power comes from being connected to the Divine. Power comes from living, being, breathing that Connection at all times.

You do experience these moments. You call it “being in the Flow” or being in love. You describe it as those moments when time stops and everything becomes crystal clear and all your choices are before you and one of those is radiant with Light, and you KNOW with every fiber of your being what will come of following that choice.
Humans have come to think that Power is physical/mechanical/emotional strength. The image most people connect with Power is that of a man with bulging muscles looking fierce. Some form of force is implied: “I can MAKE you do what I want”. Real Power is better exemplified by Mother Theresa. Her focus, divine connection, Love, commitment, and desire for the fulfillment of her dream—her inner purpose and Knowing—she embodied True Power. She lived Integrity, and that allowed her to Flow.
Power gets twisted up with privilege, but real Power is very humble. Feeling Power is not special or a miracle—it is there for every living being on the planet, and is meant to be normal!

Look at us horses. We are constantly connected to the Divine. We are so strong that we have carried and pulled your species to your goals for centuries! Yet we are humble. We serve one another and we serve you. Only horses who are not treated with respect become unwilling, or in some cases become insane, from being forced into such an unnatural way of living that they cannot Connect any more. These are the horses that you call dangerous.

Many of you humans, too, have become so removed from Connection that you have become dangerous to yourselves and the whole planet. Humans tend to deny their Power and turn against themselves, both as a species and within each individual. You resist and fight against your divine Truth. You put away your talents and believe the lies other people tell you. You deny that you create your world, and take the position of being a victim to fate or those around you.

“The Truth is that each and every being is the offspring of the Divine, and that each contains the same qualities and creative ability of the Divine! Use this knowledge. No matter what your circumstances in the world at this very moment, all it takes is this awareness and the commitment to live in Joy to begin honest change and the realization of your dreams. Believe in who you truly are, find the Joy and the Truth in every situation, and live each moment from your place of Truth!

Later in the summer, I was asking Gid about a few of my students' horses as well as some I'd observed whose behaviors were cranky, aggressive, or antagonistic. He responded with the following:

“Riding is a privilege, not a right. Horses (and other animals who live with people) don't have an option to alter or sign a contract—they are just expected to follow arbitrary rules made up by their human. For some, this makes them angry or resentful. Until their human's perspective changes, their attitude will be one geared to make their human more aware of their needs. Humans have come to believe that they are superior beings on this planet, and that all other life exists to serve them. Due to this teaching, they have disconnected themselves from their non-human brethren and feel that they have the right to uproot, command, dispossess, and even kill other life forms on this planet for their own convenience. This has gone on for so long that everything is now out of balance in quite a bit of the world, and the non-human elements known collectively by you as Mother Nature have been put on major clean-up duty. This is not the first time that they have had to do this on such a large scale. We animals are really working now to draw your awareness to our shared Oneness and the Divine spark that exists in all molecular beings. To assist humans in making the leap in consciousness that acknowledges the sentience and purpose in all beings.”

Sounds simple, yet over and over I observe that tiny shifts in awareness in the riders are rewarded by significant positive changes in their horses. It can be very helpful to actually verbalize your overall (and then daily) expectations to your horse, or communicate them to him through an animal communicator—and then pay attention to his reactions. If you're not used to this, or are doubting yourself, focus on what you are feeling in the moment.

Often the horse's feeling will be reflected in you. Pay attention to whether you are feeling anxious, happy, expanded, or contracted. Ask simple questions to gain clarity, and see how he responds or if the feeling changes. This summer Gid has had to remind me over and over to explain to him what exactly I want. When I remember to clearly state my daily goals, he really works to help me reach them. When I forget to tell him, we can get lost in confusion or misunderstanding.

The next discussion we had was about traditional training techniques and the more recent “alternative” methods of training. Gid said that traditional has its good properties, yet comes more from the intellect, while “alternative” methods are coming from the heart. It is important to step outside the “normal” boundaries of training and professionalism and try out different techniques to see what resonates with both you and your particular animal. Keep an open mind, an open heart, and open arms to receive the feedback that your horse or pet gives you. True partnership implies that “training” goes both ways—from the human to the horse, and often from the horse to the human. Suspend disbelief and look for the miracles that are everywhere if you simply open to them.

Copyright 2006, October

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