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Gideon - The Star
Photo by Janet Cohen

Gideon and Kim
Photo by Sally Paradysz

Gideon smilingGideon smiling
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon smilingAnother smile
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon with LegosGideon and a student's brother playing with Legos
Photo by Kim Walnes


Introduction to Gideon's Messages

From time to time, Gideon pops into my head and “downloads” messages to me. From the first time this happened, I knew that they needed to be heard by a far larger audience, and so I have sent them out to my group email list. Now I'm delighted to share them with you on the website.

Very early on Gideon developed clear Yes and No signals. No is pinned ears or a stallion/snaking shake of the head. Yes is what I call his smile, for that truly is what it is. It is a form of yawn, but not quite the same as a real yawn. He arches his neck first, gets a certain look in his eye, and does not roll his eyes back as most horses do in actual yawns. In addition, to emphasis a positive point, he will do it repeatedly until what he is trying to get across is understood.

Theresa Whitedove has been my mentor as an animal communicator, and there are many references to her wisdom in these messages.

I use initials as a form of shorthand in some places: IH stands for In Hand work, SI for shoulder in, HI is haunches in, and HP is half pass.

Some of Gideon's Messages were published by the magazine, 11:11. For more information, go to www.BelieveSC.com.

Some of my students' horses are also now beginning to send me messages, so I will include those as they come. Enjoy!

GIDEON ON THE SUBJECT OF MUD An image of Gideon came into my head, stepping high as he mindfully and carefully walked through the unbelievably deep mud we are experiencing at the moment...

GIDEON ON THE SUBJECT OF POWER This subject came about as a result of our early showing experiences—when his hormonal surges were frightening to me.

GIDEON ON THE BLOSSOMING OF HOPE Hope is a word heard and seen often these days. No matter what the context, hearing that word releases an energy that causes a flush of joy...

GIDEON ON THE TEACHING OF TENDERNESS Recently, I have been recovering from being thrown from a young horse. No broken bones, thank God—just addled brains, whiplash, and strained muscles everywhere. After resting for two days...

GIDEON: STILLNESS AS A BRIDGE TO AUTHENTICITY Gideon and I were walking side by side up the incline to the outdoor arena. As we approached the top, he stopped suddenly and became very still. His behavior was not the normal...

GIDEON AND THE VOICE OF TRUTH! Listen! Do you hear the Voice? That inner soft whisper which only speaks the Truth? Do you hear the moment by moment Calling to BE who you truly are?

SMOKE'S MESSAGE ON BREATHING AND AWARENESS Just as in human relationships, horses and humans often unconsciously mirror one another. These reflections tend to be of behaviors whose origins lie in past traumas and in fear...


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