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Gideon - The Star
Photo by Janet Cohen

Gideon and Kim
Photo by Sally Paradysz

Gideon smilingGideon smiling
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon smilingAnother smile
Photo by Kim Walnes

Gideon with LegosGideon and a student's brother playing with Legos
Photo by Kim Walnes


Gideon: Stillness as a Bridge to Authenticity

Listen! Do you hear the Voice? That inner soft whisper which only speaks the Truth? Do you hear the moment by moment Calling to BE who you truly are? The bright shining radiance that is your birthright?

Do you know this very moment in your life and your whole future are NOT bound by your past? You are free!!!!! Right NOW! You are free…the door is open. Can you see it? Can you dare to walk through it into the life which is your Divine birthright? Do you have the audacity to claim the happiness that is awaiting your decision to own it?

You are free to BE that which you know is really You. If you perceive any restrictions on your Self, they are there solely by your choice. Though they may seem to be imposed by others or circumstances beyond your control, you can always choose to change, leave, move, reach out, do something different that moves you toward whatever brings you Joy, release, expansion. These emotions/states of being are reality! Now, what are you gonna do about that?

Look within. You already possess the courage to claim your real life. Reach for it! Try it on. Just as a child puts on adult clothing, you can play with options, practice, parade around with courage in your mind. Then experiment: actually live the decision to release the conditioned fear which has controlled your heart, mind, and actions. Take a little step in the beginning, then add more, until you dare to stride forth more boldly and even prance upon the sacred earth. Revel in your Glory, and share it with, inspire, embolden others by your shining presence. What Joy there is in living this way!

We animals hold this space for you. Look how joyously we spring across the ground—we move so lightly because our very beings are Light, and we acknowledge this and revel in it. So are you also made, yet you deny it, hide it, and fear it. All because someone taught you to believe in “No”, “can’t”, “won’t”, restriction, constriction, living small. Break the molds! In truth, they are only there in your mind. Choose differently! In this very moment…and the moments that follow.

“No one of you can deny any longer that the Earth is changing. Paradigms are shifting, too, and opportunities abound—often in the clever disguise of challenges. Meet them, along with each day, with love in your heart, trust in your soul, and surrender to the Divine Voice within you. Heed its call to BE what you’ve been searching for all your life! As the saying goes, you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

GIDEON ON THE SUBJECT OF MUD An image of Gideon came into my head, stepping high as he mindfully and carefully walked through the unbelievably deep mud we are experiencing at the moment...

GIDEON ON THE SUBJECT OF POWER This subject came about as a result of our early showing experiences—when his hormonal surges were frightening to me.

GIDEON ON THE BLOSSOMING OF HOPE Hope is a word heard and seen often these days. No matter what the context, hearing that word releases an energy that causes a flush of joy...

GIDEON ON THE TEACHING OF TENDERNESS Recently, I have been recovering from being thrown from a young horse. No broken bones, thank God—just addled brains, whiplash, and strained muscles everywhere. After resting for two days...

GIDEON: STILLNESS AS A BRIDGE TO AUTHENTICITY Gideon and I were walking side by side up the incline to the outdoor arena. As we approached the top, he stopped suddenly and became very still. His behavior was not the normal...

GIDEON AND THE VOICE OF TRUTH! Listen! Do you hear the Voice? That inner soft whisper which only speaks the Truth? Do you hear the moment by moment Calling to BE who you truly are?

SMOKE'S MESSAGE ON BREATHING AND AWARENESS Just as in human relationships, horses and humans often unconsciously mirror one another. These reflections tend to be of behaviors whose origins lie in past traumas and in fear...


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