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An Explanation of the One-Rein Halt

Teacher to Teacher: Thoughts on Teaching, Training and Coaching

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Published in print

"Being Your Horse's Protector," USDF Connection May, 2013

"Inside A USET Training Session" USCTA News June, 1980

"The Gray Goose — Another Adventure," USCTA News, October, 1981

"Getting It Right: Acting as Stunt Double for Melissa Gilbert in the Movie Sylvester," Horse Play, May 1985

"Dealing With The Fear," The Salute, 1988

"Foreword" for the book Riding School by Lionel Dunning, 1988

"The Power and Influence of YOUR Imagination," The Salute, 1989

Quoted in the book That Winning Feeling by Jane Savoie, 1992

"A Legend, The Gray Goose, Passes On," Natural Horse Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 5, 2000

"The One Rein Stop," Natural Horse Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 8, 2001

Dressage at Rolex

Dressage at Rolex, 1985. M. Kaiser photo

Sallly Swift video

Filming Sally Swift's Centered Riding 2 DVD

featuring Kim Walnes

Kim and Gideon working with Colonel Carde

Work at the trot with Gideon, 2009

Work at the canter with Gideon, 2009

Also see Kim as a demonstration rider in Sally Swift's DVD, Centered Riding 2

For more information about Kim and The Gray Goose, see these videos:

"Rate My Horse Pro" interview 

2012 US Eventing Association Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Horseback Riding for America: The Olympic Equestrian Team, by David Hoffman  (This is a short clip; the full DVD is available from

Featured on the covers

The program of the Rolex Kentucky International Three Day Event, 1983

The official poster of the Rolex International Three Day Event, 1982

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Dressage and Combined Training, November 1982

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August 1982 USCTA News

Ship's Quarters 1982, USET selection trials; courtesy USEA

Gray at the Broken Bridge

1984 Green Springs Olympic Selection Trial
Leslie Vincent photo

about Kim Walnes

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After decades of riding in a ‘lovely dressage position’ without being able to sit a big trot, I can FINALLY sit a big trot AND my back doesn’t kill me anymore! (Student from Colorado).   See the STUDENT COMMENTS page.

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