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     "From the time I first heard about the US Equestrian Team, I wanted to ride for the United States... However, I lived in the mountains far from competition sites, I had two small children, and I owned only one horse with obvious talent.

   "I had no instruction and I couldn’t leave the farm to travel for lessons.  My practice jumps were eight oil drums and four locust poles..."

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Kim and Gideon

Photo: Helene Gallagher

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   Born in 1970 in County Clare, Ireland, Gray’s early life was spent mistrusting everything and everybody.

   Over the course of his life, however, this legendary horse became an international symbol for courage and boldness.  His enthusiasm for life knew no bounds...

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Kim and Gray

Gray - Rolex

Gray Goose

Photos: top, Shybuck Studios; middle, Ann Elizabeth Clemmens; bottom, Peter Gower

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   Gideon Goodheart, a great-grandnephew of Gray, has more than lived up to his name.  Many people refer to him as an 'equine Buddha.' 

   "He was born a Master Teacher, and I’ve learned as much from him as he’s ever learned from me..." 

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Gideon bareback


Gideon in passage

Photos: top, Patti Klein; bottom: Jim Ross

It was a blessing to meet you. Thank you for giving me the "keys to the kingdom" of better riding. Tey and Scratch thank you too. You made me feel that I was a team member in the learning process. I learned so much, and what fun! (Jean Hennen, Colorado).   See the STUDENT COMMENTS page

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